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I want to buy a car. Where can I get some information?

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Modified : 2019-01-07 04:48:32

I want to buy a car. Where can I get some information?


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Modified : 2019-01-07 04:48:50

In case you plan to buy new Car, you may visit any of the Car show rooms that you find. If you hope to go for a used car then it is advisable to research about the car model and price on net first. You may refer below website which also have English support.

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Modified : 2019-03-30 07:03:49

I do not know if you want to buy a used car or a new car.

If you want to buy a new car, there are many brands of cars in Korea.

But if you live in Korea, I recommend Korean brand car like as Hyundai, Kia, GM Daewoo and Renault Samsung.

Hire is a website of them, After you choice the car in website, go to the car dealership.


And if you want a used car, I recommend SK&car that is a company for used car.

It is operated by a large company and it is so reasonable.

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Modified : 2019-07-07 11:10:20

The four most important things to consider when buying a car are:

1. The amount of service provided by the salesperson
2. Installment rate for installments
3. Terms of sale for the month
4. Amount to sell used car

Car types are as follows.

Micro car

Toyota iQ
It is the type that is at the boundary between the car and the motorcycle. A micro car is a type of Lee In - seung which is equipped with a small engine of hundreds of cc. It is not a traditional car. There are often three wheels. It was popular in Europe after World War II, and it was called bubble cara at the time. Typical micro automobiles include the following models.

Messerschmitt microcar
Peel P50 (Peel P50)

The hatchback is the exterior of a car with a roof that runs up to the back, and a tailgate, also called the hatch that opens up to the back. In Korea, a car with the appearance of Chevrolet Spark is an example of a hatchback.

Urban auto / light car

Kia Morning

Small cars are small cars developed for use in urban areas. In Japan, an urban car is said to be a light vehicle with a total length of 3.4 meters, a total width of 1,480 meters, and a displacement of 660cc. In Korea, a mini vehicle is 3.5 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 1000cc or smaller. Because light vehicles are very cheap, you can get a lot of benefits, including low maintenance costs. Typical light vehicles are as follows.

Kia Morning
Kia Ray
Chevrolet Spark
Smart Fortwo - European City Car
Daisaku Copen (Japanese: ダ イ ハ ツ · コ ペ ン) - Japanese light sports car. There is also Honda s660 which forms a double wall with Copen.

Super Mini Car / Sub Compact Car / Small Car

Chevrolet Aveo
A subminiature car is a term used in Europe, a subcompact car is used in North America, and a compact car is used in the Republic of Korea. This type of car usually consists of a hatchback or a sedan and is like a miniature car for five passengers. You can ride. In recent supermini cars, the hatchback usually has a total length of about 3.9 meters and the sedan has a total length of about 4.2 meters. The Super Mini is an automobile type that has been very popular in Europe since the first sales of the Fiat 500 in 1957 and the Austin Mini in 1959. Typical small cars are as follows.

Hyundai Accent
Kia Pride
Chevrolet Aveo
BMW Mini (BMW Mini)
The Mercedes-Benz A-Class (Mercedes-Benz A-Class)
Nissan Micra
Renault 5

Compact car

Peugeot 308
Compact cars are mid-to-large hatchbacks. The overall length is 4.25 meters and the engine displacement is 1.5 liters to 2.0 liters. Typical compact cars are as follows.

Opel Astra
Renault Megane (French: Renault Mégane)
Volkswagen Golf
Hyundai i30

Household car
A home car is a sedan or hatchback that can ride if the entire adult is five. Typical models of small home automobiles are as follows. This category includes the sub-standard cars used in the Republic of Korea and the EuroNCAP miniature residential vehicles.

Hyundai Avante
Kia K3 (Kia K3)
Renault Samsung SM3 (Renault Samsung SM3)
Toyota Corolla
Nissan Bluebird
Volkswagen Jetta
Honda Civic


The model of the medium sized household car is as follows. This type of medium-sized car is the term used in South Korea and North America.

Hyundai Sonata
Kia K5 (Kia K5)
Chevrolet Malibu
Renault Samsung SM6 (Renault Samsung SM6)
Ford Mondeo
Honda Accord
Nissan Primera
Opel Vectra
Peugeot 406 (Peugeot 406)
Renault Laguna
Toyota Camry
Volkswagen Passat
Dodge Charger

The models of large home automobiles are as follows. Semi-large vehicles, the term used in Korea, belong to this type.

Hyundai Grandeur
Kia K7 (Kia K7)
Renault Samsung SM7 (Renault Samsung SM7)
Toyota Avalon
Lexus ES
Nissan Maxima
Honda Legend

I hope it will help you.

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Modified : 2019-04-30 13:20:32

The questionnaires' questionnaires summarize questions about the purchasing process, methods and information of cars produced and imported in Korea

Before I answer the question of car sales and other purchases, I will briefly introduce the structure of Korea's automobile industry, or manufacturing and sales markets related to automobile production companies.

The production companies and factories that are leading the automobile production and sales in Korea are as follows:

Daewoo Motor Co., Ssangyong Motor Co., Hyundai Motor Co., Kia Motors Corp. and Renault Samsung Motors Co.

현대자동차에 대한 이미지 검색결과기아 자동차에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Korea's automobile industry is a general machinery industry consisting of the assembly of some 20,000 parts, and it has a large share of the national economy as it has a large effect on industrial connections across production, sales, distribution and utilization, and is

South Korea's automobile industry is expanding its role in the global auto market in the wake of its full-fledged exports to the North American market in 1986, while it is solidifying its position as a leading player in related industries such as machinery, metals and electronics.

관련 이미지


The automobile industry was not able to get out of the process of upgrading and repairing used U.S. cars until 1962, but the start of the first 5-year economic development plan led to the assembly and production of 'new country' cars in partnership with Nissan of Japan. As domestic demand increased, the automobile industry developed from simple assembly to domestic production, while developing into a major component manufacturing industry


The following are precautions when purchasing a vehicle.

In the event of a contract for a vehicle contract or a contract for a vehicle, you must check the terms of the contract for the sale of a car and receive a copy for the customer after signing the owner's own autograph on the contract for the sale of a car.

Car contracts must be signed with our sales representative.

When depositing vehicle payment and registration fee, transfer vehicle payment to designated account specified in car sales contract, and keep unbooked deposit certificate well. When deposit is made directly, a certain deposit receipt must be kept.

When requesting a vehicle registration agent, the vehicle registration agency must pay a fee (according to article 28.2 of the Motor Vehicle Registration Rules) and after registration of the vehicle, the registration related payment receipt must be checked.


The shipping method and forwarding type are of the type where the vehicle is delivered directly to the shipping office by the owner-shipment vehicle purchase customer, and the family of the customer who has been entrusted with the delivery of the vehicle, or the type of vehicle is delivered to the shipping office.

Information on consignment information, i.e. delivery consignment and forwarding type information

As one of the types of vehicle delivery for a delivery information customer, the consignee pays the consignment fee at the corresponding consignment area, and the consignee's consignee consigns the vehicle to the desired place by driving the vehicle.

It is also a type of consignment in which two to four vehicles are carried at a time using a transporter, or T/P (transporter) that allows the vehicle to be parked.


It is a reference for the purchase of a vehicle. The payment of the vehicle can be made at any time, but the payment terms according to the loan period and the competitor's rate are as follows when the payment is made in installments in the general installments condition, which is a monthly installment payment base.

Interest rates based on the loan period can be 4.0% for 12 months, 4.0% for 24 months, 4.0% for 36 months, 4.5% for 48 months, and 5.5% for 60 months.


In addition to the 580 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and Gangnam-gu, Seongbo Building 1st floor, Korea's automobile market is a convenient and safe place to purchase cars from anywhere.

There is a wide range of places where relevant information can be found and found for purchasing cars.

The most common and convenient way is to visit and consult a car dealership in the area where the questioner resides

Prior to visiting, consulting and purchasing an automobile dealership in the area, access to the internet of the automaker concerned with the vehicle type it wants to purchase should be pre-prepared and verified with sufficient relevant data.Once the vehicle type and model are decided, the questioner can purchase the car without difficulty.

Verification and acquisition of relevant data and information on vehicles to be purchased may be sufficient to obtain and verify related information and data by visiting companies with direct production lines, such as Kia Motors, Hyundai Motor, Samsung Motors, SsangYong Motor, Daewoo Motor, or local car sales agents.


For your information, 2020 is the forecast of the Korean auto market.Experts are predicting that South Korea's automobile market will be "increased in sales of eco-friendly vehicles" and "maintaining the heyday of SUVs" next year. Automakers also plan to beef up their lineup of eco-friendly vehicles to target the market next year and introduce a series of new SUVs.

In addition, small SUVs have emerged this year, and diesel-powered Japanese cars have also gained ground, making the biggest feature of the domestic car market this year. This year, the market, which was dominated by Ssangyong Motor's Tivoli, caught fire with Hyundai's "Kona" and Kia's "Stonic."


The local small SUV market, which stood at a mere 76,014 units in the January-November period of 2018, grew 38 percent to 104,637 units during the same period this year. In particular, more than 20,000 Kona units were sold, leading the growth.

I hope that you will have any patience and help with the questioner's answers.

I wish you luck during the year 2019.

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Modified : 2019-07-22 08:46:20

There are many ways of buying a car in Korea. You can either buy it new or used. However buying a used car always carries a big risk. Mainly there are many untold secrets also sometimes, the car listed on the website doesn't exist at all. So if you are planning to buy a used car in Korea you should buy a Manufactuar or  finance company certified pre-owned cars. These cars usally have low milage and they are repaired by a professional mechanic. They are refundable and they come with a warranty for least 6 months. Here are the sites for example.

K car

Hyundai Capital certified used car


BMW certified pre owned cars


If you have enough budget for a new car,its a no brainer just go for a new one. There are plenty of car manufactuars in Korea.  There are domestic manufactuars like Hyundai , Kia , Chevorlet, Renault Samsung and SSangyoung. These companies sometimes offer special discount or deals for foreingers who live in Korea. For example Renault Samsung offers a discount for foreigers who live in Korea. If you work as a employee in school Chevorlet offer a special deal for school employees. To find more details you can visit manufaturar's web site.





Renault Samsung



If you have enough room in your wallet, going for a import is also a good choice. German cars like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and BMW are one of the most popular brands in Korea. Japanese cars like Honda and Toyota is also popular too. However you have to know that these cars are expensive to insure than domestic cars and they take longer to repair than Korean cars. Also the discount offers are different between dealerships so you might have to call dealers to find out. Wonder why I didn't mention Audi even though I mentioned German cars are popular in Korea? Audi is half off buisness now because of Diesel gate that happened in 2017. Audi's sister company Volkswagen recovered right away but Audi is still preparing to go on sale. To find out more about deals and cars you can visit each companies website on discribtion.


Mercedes Benz Korea

Volkswagen Korea

Audi Korea

Toyota Korea

Honda Korea

Lexus Korea

To buy a new car with a lot of discount I recommend to buy it before a redesign or a minor model year change. car companies usally discount previous model year cars to flush them out from their storage. Display cars on showrooms also are sold for a tiny bit cheaper and thes demo cars have less factory defects than buying a new car right off the factory. 


I hope this article helped you choosing your car in korea





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