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Do Korean students go to more academies or private tutors?

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Modified : 2019-01-07 04:45:29

Do Korean students go to more academies or private tutors?


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Modified : 2019-01-07 04:45:48

Definitely more kids go to hagwons. But the upper-middle class and the upper class do hire many private tutors even though hiring private tutors is more expensive than sending their kids to academy schools. Having private tutors is considered a premium but many Korean parents believe it is definitely an advantage over hagwons. They believe, and pray, that the "investment" will one day pay off. (Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.)

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Modified : 2019-01-13 12:50:59

It's true that Korean students go to more academies and private tutors for their education.

According to the Statistical Office, 2015 Private Education Participation Rate of all students was 68.6%.

In 2016, Average Private Tutoring Cost per person was 256000 won.


Day by day, the industry scale of private tutoring in Korea is growing rapidly.

Now, South Korea leads the world in the amount of money spent on tutoring services.

Many South Koreans believe that the only way they can outperform their peers is with the help of a tutor. In fact, nearly 90 percent of elementary students in South Korea receive some form of tutoring.

This tutoring does not come cheap, either; the average South Korean family spends about 20 percent of its income on private tutoring. Although the price is steep, many parents consider tutoring to be just another monthly expense they have to take into account.

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Modified : 2019-03-24 12:55:32

Acording to a research, going to acardemies is 41.6% and hiring a tutor(for one student 10.5%+for a group of students 10.7%)is 21.2% along with receiving weekly questionbook 13.4% and taking internet classes 2.8%. Therefore, Korean students go to more acardemies than private tutors.      소스 이미지 보기     

That's because hiring tutors is more expensive than signing up for acardemies and a lot of parents feel that it is easier to find acardemies that have good systems than trustworthy private tutors.

 Korean parents send their children to academies for some reasons. Some parents feel better to make their childeren go to acardemies rather than stay home alone when both of the parents work late. But most Korean parents are very enthusiastic about their childeren's education because they think that going to good universities is the key to success.

 Many kindegarten students in Korea go to piano, art and English acardemies. When they become the fourth to fifth grader in elementary school, a lot of students start to go to math, English, Korean composition acardemies and so on. 

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Modified : 2019-04-24 06:07:06

Yes, according to the statistics of the Private Education Status of Elementary, Middle and High School Students in Korea, in 2018, the average monthly private tutoring fee for each elementary school student in Korea was 291,000 won, up 7.0% (KRW 19,000) from 272,000 won in the previous year. Participation rate of private tutoring increased by 1.7% p from 72.8% in the previous year. (71.2%)

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Modified : 2019-05-31 09:06:36

In Korea, private education is more important than public education. 

Parents invest a lot money in their children`s private education

Korea spends an average of 291,000 won a year on private education, which is equivalent to 10 percent of korea`s average per capita income.

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Modified : 2019-07-15 06:25:09

Hakwons, which are academies in Korea is usual for most of the Koreans but some prefer private tutors. Here are some comparasion with them.

Who do Tutoring

1. Special certification or tests

Not only upper class students but also many students get tutoring for their special courses.

Students who wants to get special certification or want to get passed in tests for a short period also do tutorings. For example, getting high scores in TOEFL tests or special tutorings for their math skills. This is probably because they want to take special lessons or class in hakwons are not made because not many students need it.


2. Tutoring as a sub. private education

Well, this is rare but I heard some of the students get tutorings as well as going to hakwons. This is because tutoring is mostly expensive and they only need it to ask questions. They are called 'baby tutoring' in Korea which are known in Gangnam which is famous in education.

Students learn new subjects in their hakwons and this baby tutors help them do their homework for hakwons or solve problems that can't be solved in Hakwons.

It might sound so strange but students who are desperate in getting scores sometimes do this tutors.


3. Tutoring for free schedule

Most of hakwons have their own curriculums but if the student or parent don't like it, they could get a tutor. For example, if you want to take a chemistry lesson only for a vacation but hakwons do chemistry as a regular curriculum, students might want to do tutoring.



학원에 대한 이미지 검색결과

1. Young children

Young children who are attending prep school or elementary might prefer hakwons becuase it's where they meet their friends. Tutoring might be too tough for them. I believe that parents send their children to build social relationship with their friends and teachers and that's why it seems like so many kids are at hakwons.

2. Money

Not all the tutorings are expensive but most of the times parents would send their kids because of money. Some Hakwons are expensive but mostly it's okay.

3. More choices

Big hakwons have many teachers and there are several levels which means students can test their ability and they can take the courses in the right level. This is why many kids go to hakwon.


Some people say tutoring is better while others say academy is better. Probably population who goes to hakwon would be larger but this is not accurate since tutoring is mostly private, it is sometimes not recorded in the data. While there are some debates going on, there is something even called 'group tutoring' in Korea which is new culture of Korean private education.

Students get tutoring as a group and the thing is, students can choose who to study with by their own.

There might be more about tutoring and hakwons and I hope my answer has helped you.smiley

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Modified : 2019-07-29 02:03:18

In Korea, most students take private lessons or go to private academies. Students who don't take Internet classes sometimes. This is because it is difficult to get good grades as well as follow the progress of school if you do not take supplementary classes other than the regular curriculum. They even put extra classes to help them get into college to get to better schools. If you watch the drama Sky Castle, you will learn more about the reality of Korean education.

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