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Syrian refugees

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Modified : 2016-10-30 01:08:31

There are many Syrians who hope to go to other countries as refugees. Some countries welcome them, some do not. I believe that both sides have logical reasons. What are your opinion on this issue?

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Modified : 2016-10-30 03:55:07

Hi, Aileen, it's my pleasure to answer your question.

Nowadays as ISIS’s international terrorism acts have caused fierce resistance against accomodation of refugees internationally, so the public opinion about refugees are not so good. Before Paris attack and other terrors, some countries including Switzerland and France itself were positive about accomodating these refugees. Though the series of attacks of ISIS made those countries turn their backs to the refugees.


At first, I also thought that European countries must accommodate these refugees, since they have no place to live other than in Europe. However, refugees were concentrated in South European countries, since they are the closest countries to their homeland. The Dublin treaty, which requires refugees to enroll refugee status in the country where they first arrived acceleracted this flow. Eventually south European countries including Italy and Hungary, which were already in economic downturns could not control this massive flow anymore. They shut the flow of refugees and requested EU to mandate wealthy countries to accommodate refugees too. After that Hungary’s Budapest even built a wall to prevent refugees from entering the country. EU posed the solution of ‘Refugee Quota System’ and France and Germany especially showed their favor for this policy. One of the countries which were against this policy was England, and they were well known for rejecting against the idea of accomodating Syrian refugees. After a Syrian boy was found dead on the shore the quota system was passed and Germany also announced to accommodate refugees in Munchen regardless of the Dublin treaty. I thought of this quota system as a good idea since it would allow wealthy countries which have more capacities to accommodate refugees to accommodate them. Just ignoring and shutting up the doors and boundaries would be an act to kill refugees indirectly.  To make a long story short, definitely some countries should accommodate refugees but it would be a lot better if wealthy countries also partake in it.


I do understand why people are against refugees. Refugees’ influx can cause diverse problems. Firstly confusion. The mass influx of people from other society can cause confusion and disorientation among the members of the society. Secondly safety, as you would well know. Other than terrorism acts, but crimes caused by or among refugees would be a serious problem in the host country. Lastly economy. The confusion directly leads to the downturn of economy, and refugees’ employment may also hold back host country’s citizens’ employment. Vice versa may also happen. It’s impossible to solve these problems completely, but at least   the quota system would help countries share the burden. Plus more sophisticated refugee enrollment and relief system should be established, and definitely more strict supervision of borders and immigration are also needed.


 I hope my answer helped you.

Have a great day^^


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Modified : 2016-10-30 12:55:03

 Syrian refugees is one of the biggest issues today. Many countries are trying to accept the refugees but, some countries aren't. In my opinion, I consent to accept Syrian refugees.

The biggest reason I agree to accept the refugees is that it's natural and duty to help other human beings that are in danger. ​If we deny to accept the refugees, it is same as making them dangerous or die.

​It is a picture of a young child, who is 3 years old. Can you believe it? This young baby passed away while he and his family was riding a boat to escape from Syria and find new place(country) to survive. When I first saw this picture, it was really great shock to me. I couldn't believe my eyes. If there were no war, he would be playing in the playground and spend his time with his family. If his family had found a country to live more quickly, he might have not passed away. I feel very sorry for him.

It's not only his problem, but also many other refugees. Many refugees still suffer from nightmare of the war. And what we can do for them is to help them in humanitarian aids. Just put yourself in the refugee's shoes.

I'm not just insisting that we must help them without any plans. If we accept the refugees without any specific plans, it would cause social divisions or serious social problems. We must find ways to help the refugees while satisfying opinions of the public(nations).

​-Although the appearance is different, mind is alike.  -Same human, who are living in the same Earth.

I hope my answer helped you.

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Modified : 2016-10-30 14:28:56

Syrians refugees It's causing a lot of strife in the EU, because the Schengen Agreement, which was part of the European Community, means the outer rims of Europe are open borders, and whoever first receives the migrants has to perform the asylum adjudication. If they don't make it for asylum what do you do with them? Send them back? You have that kind of a colonial legacy that started the original migration from Africa and the Middle East, but now it's caused by strife, really serious strife, in all of these areas, and poverty.

The US takes a considerable share of migrants and refugees, however, the US takes a tiny share, and has taken a tiny share of Syrians to date. I think it would be healthy for countries that have the resources and the ability to resettle refugees to take a more generous approach, but many are reluctant to.

It goes without saying, to me, that ultimately both, in a sense, stopping the hemorrhage, stopping the flight of people out of the country, but also speaking about repatriation, people that actually, hopefully the vast majority of the refugees, the ultimate solution for them is going to be to go back home, but they can't do that unless there's a home to go back to


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Alice Cho
Modified : 2016-11-04 07:55:21

Hi Aileen! I am Alice and I'm going to share my opinion about accepting Syrian refugees.

Accepting Syrian refugees has been an international issue.

Some countries said that they would accept the refugees and some did not. Regardless of the issue’s moral problems, no one actually has any right to blame each country’s choices because they all have their own logical reasons as you mentioned.

So for the pros, they say that the refugees absolutely have no relationship with war. Only the representatives and the government have something to do with the war and the citizens are just the scapegoats. The neighboring countries should accept the refugees to protect them from meaningless sacrifices.

And for the cons, they insist that they don’t want to spend citizens’ taxes to support the refugees. It is true that the government need a lot of money to provide refugees safe place to stay, enough food to sustain their lives, and programs that helps refugees to adapt to the new country. And some countries say that they would rather spend the money to improve welfare policies for their own citizens.

But for me, I think that the countries should not refuse to accept the refugees. I know that the process would require huge amount of money but still it is related to a number of person's lives. We can't put a bigger emphasis on money than one's life. And if government seeks for help, international organizations would give a hand and even the citizens would take part in donations. 

I hope that my answer helped you to somehow know how others think about the Syrian refugees.

Have a nice day!

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Modified : 2016-11-13 05:21:56

I believe that we should look at refugees problem in two points. One as a country's view, and one as a view of individuals. As a country, refugees can not be seen as a perfect gain. Because not all of them, but few of them shows a possibility of terrorism, and small or big crimes.(As this point we should not forget not all refugees are not like this.) Also, it is true that it is a country's duty to protect it's people. This is what most countrys argue when the disagree with refugees coming to thier countries. 


But as a individual, I personally believe that refugees need a home for them. There might be a possibility of crime, but what did young kids who are refugees do? As a humanbeing, they should be treated as one.


Hope you like my answer!

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