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Subway wifi

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Modified : 2016-10-12 23:56:53

I got a korean sim card but somehow I cant connect to the subways olleh wifi, anyone has an idea how to?

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Modified : 2016-10-13 13:57:04
As far as i know, olleh wifi is for olleh service subscriber only. not free service.
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Modified : 2016-10-15 06:18:57

The subway wifi is for the users of each telecom, which means that if you are not a user of OLLEH, you can't connect on the wifi.


If you want to connect olleh service, you could buy a wifi card in a convinent store! There is a one day version and a four day version.

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Modified : 2016-10-19 06:34:31

Although you have korean sim card with your mobile phone, you can not access free wifi in the subway.

You can not use olleh wifi,  unless you are an KT(olleh) telecom customer.

Likewise, you can not access other kinds of telecom wifi either(ex, SKT,LG wifi) if you are not a customer

of the company.

but you can use those wifi , only if you buy data card in a telecom shop or a convenience store.

you can buy the data chip, and you can use the wifi(data) till the money amount.  :)


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Modified : 2016-10-22 14:47:45

  Well, these days pretty much everywhere you go there is wifi in Korea, and subways are no exceptions. There are three main electric device service centers; KT Olleh, LG U+, and SKT. Most Koreans are currenty using one of these. In subways, there is wifi for every single service. However, you can only connect to the wifi that you are subscribed to. So if you are using a different service, you can't connect to subway wifis. Now, if you can't connect to Olleh wifi, than you are probably using a different service. 


  Well, if that's not the case, than there are just a lot of people using that wifi network. Since subway wifi is free, the internet signal is very weak and slow. In addition, when a lot of people connect to the same wifi at once, the system is no able to hold all those phones, and it crashes. This means that the wifi system won't work. So it is not always good to use wifi in subways. Buses on the other hand are different. It won't be the same for many areas, but my local town, Guro-gu, provides fast wifi networks on all of the local buses. Also, recently Seoul has made a wifi system that covers the area of Seoul I believe, so you will find out that there is a internet signal called 'Seoul local wifi' when you turn on your wifi. It is really really slow, though.


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Modified : 2016-10-23 10:40:10

There are 3 telecoms in South Korea.


Even though you have Korean Sim card, you must be a telecom user to use the telecom's wifi.

For example, if you're SKT user and you found LG U+ Wifi in the subway,

you must pay to use U+ Wifi though it says 'FREE WIFI'.

However, you can use SKT wifi even if it says 'PRIVATE SKT WIFI'.

If your phone is not in any telecoms, which means your phone is an 'empty phone' [공기계] ,

you can't use any of those free wifis instead of the public wifi.

you can check out where to use free public wifi, in this site : '' .

If you can't use WIFI, you can use the 'Data card' sold from nearby convenience stores,

or you can use 3G / 4G / LTE Data to use the internet faster.



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Modified : 2016-10-24 14:36:32



     I'm sorry but those Wi-fi are exclusively allowed to users who signed up to its corresponding cellphone service provider. For instance, if its name of wifi is 'Olleh Wifi', only Olleh users could access to that Wi-fi. Not only in subway, Wi-fi offered by cellphone service provider are spread all over Korea. But sadly they're not offered for free. If you want to use Olleh Wi-fi, you could sign up to their fixed charge system and gain access to them. It costs 7,920 ₩ (USD $6.99) per month, and you could use it as much as you want once you sign up.

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Modified : 2016-11-17 08:59:54

koera is stronger it country. the one of top is inter net country.

KT Olleh, LG U+, and SKT. Most Koreans are currenty using one of these. In subways, there is wifi for every single service.

so wifi in the korea subway . Wi-Fi connection is installed across the country in South Korea

may have been why is because limited area. Wi-Fi is impossible to install -

If she were a country we are first because he has achieved this goal China several

Wi-Fi in public facilities such as supply, but subway.We can not do is if the company

and other cell phone carriers. You know, skt skt only Wi-Fi.

korea is good to use internet ! wink

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Modified : 2016-11-28 12:06:17

I think it's big news for you.


Seoul's subway lines will provide free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet by October 2017

The Seoul Metro Officer said lines No. 4 and No. 8 would be the first to be equipped with the upgraded service, in January next year, with installation on the 16 other lines being complete by October.

Some Wi-Fi is already available, but it is relatively slow and free access is limited to commuters who are registered with a KT. 

next year this constraion will be solving.

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Modified : 2017-05-06 04:10:04

Hello! I am glad to answer your question. Many people are using their datas carefully. One way to reduce data is using wifi. But, some people are having difficulties to connect them. Of course, I felt it is hard to connect wifi in outside.

1. How can I connect wifi outside?

-There are unlocked wifi such as iptime, unicorn, or public free wifi. There are more wifi. Most of mobile phones are connecting wifi automatically but some are not working well. When you enter settings and go wifi, you can choose it. Also when the wifi is locked, you have to enter the password. WLAN and some other cafe wifi are requiring password. But when you ask the password of cafe wifi, they will tell you.

2. In subway, how can I use it?

-Some subways have public free wifi. But, most them are not. When you want to use Olleh wifi, you have to be an olleh service subscriber. When you are not, you have to pay money to them. I think it is better to use data in subway. It will be slow in the subway. But, it is better to use it than paying more money.

3. When I don't have data, what should I do?

-There are two ways. First one is to find wifi. And other one is to use hotspot. Hotspot is something that use can use internet with other's data.

I hope my answers helped you a lot!

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