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[Interview] Hard working rapper, Jesse Day

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조인어스 코리아
Modified : 2018-08-06 00:09:45

Jesse Day is a rapper from Canada. He is cheerful on Youtube and also serious about chasing his dream. In Hip-Hop he always tries hard to become a better musician and make new songs. In Korea, he is known as spicy food buff because when he was in Korea he used to make a video eating capsaicin and habanero on Youtube.


Hello, everyone.My name is Jesse Day also known as Daybreak which is my artist name. I’m a rapper and music producer from Victoria, Canada now living in Vancouver.


Q. I heard that you stay in Korea for 7 and half years. What made you come to Korea and what's your first impression?

A. I decided to move to Korea because my Korean friends in Canada introduced me to Korean Hip-Hop, K-Pop and Korean movies. I got very interested in the Korean entertainment industry and I wanted to be a part of it so I moved to Seoul to follow that dream. I was able to reach so many of my goals and have amazing experiences there like rapping with Outsider (아웃사이더) on the show Star King (스타킹), meeting my idol BoA and making a successful Youtube channel about challenging Korea’s spiciest food.


Q. It's really impressive work hard to achieve the dream! Why do you want to be a rapper? And who is your favorite rapper?

A. I started rapping when I was around ten years old and it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing. I grew up listening to many different rappers but my favorite is Vinnie Paz. My favorite Korean rapper is Yoon Mi Rae (윤미래)


Q. What's your favorite song among your song?

My favorite song that I’ve made so far is called Rap Assassin. The music is based on big, heavy drumbeats and the rapping is very fast and technical. You can listen here.


Q. If someone going to stay in Canada for a long time, is there anything that you want to say?

A. Canada is a very multi-cultural society with people from all over the world living here so we are very welcoming to foreigners. I really recommend the city I live in, Vancouver. We have great fusion cuisine and especially great pizza. Most importantly you can drink some of the most amazing beer in the world here. Vancouver people tend to be very friendly and positive-minded so I think it’s a great environment overall.


Q.  Are there similarities and differences between Korean and Canadian?

A. In Canadian culture when we visit the supermarket or other store, people often chat with the sales clerk talking about the weather and just have a discussion which is much different from Korea where talking to sales clerks too much is strange.

In contrast, Korean customer service especially at restaurants is amazing and they often give you a lot of free food. Also there’s no tip to pay which is best of all.


Q. Are there any difficulties or curiosities during your stay in Korea?

A. When I first arrived, I didn’t have a job so I have to live in a Goshiwon for several months. For those who don’t know what a Goshiwon is, it’s a tiny room where students mostly live that is very cheap to rent. In my experience, it is not a good living environment so that part was difficult.

I also could barely speak Korean in the beginning which made day-to-day life somewhat difficult. However, because of this difficulty I became really determined to study Korean as much as possible and build my speaking skills.

One of the most fascinating things to me was definitely the drinking culture and etiquette. The fact that you should pour your friends drinks and they should pour yours really brings a sense of community and warmth to the occasion. In business settings the fact that the junior should always pour for the senior members of the group is also interesting. Koreans also have so many fun drinking games that make the experience awesome.


Q. Where did you learn Korean and are there any tips to improve it?

A. I taught myself Korean through reading study books and watching instructional videos online. I then wrote my own very detailed notes about both vocabulary and grammar and studied those as well.

The most difficult part about learning Korean if your base language is English is that the grammar is totally different. You can’t just translate what you’re thinking in English into Korean directly, you need to know the various grammar rules and methods of verb conjugation to make a sentence. Because of this, I really recommend focusing on grammar in the beginning.


Q. What are the pros and cons of living in Korea?

A. Pros:  Amazing scenery, countryside and cities. Food is amazing and not expensive. Customer service is incredible pretty much everywhere. People are very warm-hearted towards foreigners if you show an interest in the language and culture. Seoul Public transportation is the best out of any city I’ve ever been to. I got to do the job I loved there so for me that was the biggest pro.

Cons: Seoul city’s population is very large and it’s very crowded. In a business setting, you need to show respect to your seniors no matter what. If you work in an office, you will often be expected to work overtime for no extra pay.


Q. What's your future plans? Or please say a word to your fans?

A. My future plans are to keep building my Hip-Hop career in Vancouver and eventually expand worldwide. My next song, Poison Clan, will be released around October and I also hope to make a music video for it.

I am starting to work with a Korean producer who lives in Vancouver, Charisma K, to make some new songs which will also be released soon. I also want to perform some shows in Korea and other places in Asia within the next few years.

I get comments every day from Korean fans of my spicy food eating channel on Youtube who are always asking me to make more food videos so I feel sorry towards them because I am focused on Hip-Hop music and can’t make videos for them.  When I perform a show in Korea, I will definitely finally film another spicy food challenge so it will happen someday.


I really appreciate the work that JOINUS KOREA are doing to make foreigners lives better in Korea by providing an information platform for them. If you ever want to put on a concert to promote JOINUS KOREA, please invite me to perform :D



For more information, please follow the link.

Daybreak Instagram: @daybreakmc

Daybreak Youtube:



Interviewer & Writer:  Da-yul Kim, Yae-Ji Lee


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